CTS Session 2 – Image v Object

In our second lecture we discussed the importance of archiving and where LCCs archive is.

What I found the most interesting was talking about Palestine and Maus and how when they were published as graphic novels, and how that changed the overall experience. Especially with the covers of Palestine and how graphic and thought provoking they were, and when they were made into graphic novels they seemed dreary, and more like a historical documentary. Also I found interesting that the USA version of the graphic novel was very grey, and sad, and I think this may be for political reasons because America strongly support Israel instead of Palestine and they wouldn’t want to drag attention to the people living in the country they are try to destroy. I thought this would be an interested idea to explore further, how politics influence art and publication.

We then in the seminar discussed and sorted through a collection of comics books and trying the describe them as an entire collection and individual pieces. I am not a big fan of comic books however I was interested in how everything has changed in style and in the industry over the last century. It was really interesting to sort through them all and discover they were all British comics and magazine while we tried to discover the link through such an eclectic and diverse collection.

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