Act One – Setting the Scene – Final outcome

This was a couple of tough weeks for me as I was hugely busy with work and the stress of a short deadline with a full time work schedule plus family commitments became quite overwhelming, however I pushed through and had to make some compromises to make sure I remained my mental health.

My container for the final show was my Viola case, I am most proud and happy with this decision as it showed my work off in an new and interesting way and way unique to me, and it represented me well as it was a personal object. I play my viola when I am stressing or am down and music always lifts my spirits.

I decided to keep the illustrations simple mainly due to time constraints and knowing my usual watercolour portraits take a long time, but also this task was about changing the way we create. I tried to use less reference, create graphic images, change the paper, especially in colour and used graphic markers. In my side Hustle I have made these prints and I used some of them to draw on top of.

I still had some watercolour in there but tried to use it in unique ways, I painted washes then used a scalpel to make the marks to distinguish the item of figure.

It was really exciting to see other people’s results and outcomes. I really enjoyed sorting through the containers and seeing the containers they had picked.

A New Beginning

What lead me to now be studying at LCC? It’s been a complicated road. For the last four years, I have been an apprentice and full time professional chef trying to prove myself in a difficult industry which I have slowly been falling out of love with, while I continued and deeply fell in love with Art and Illustration. So why did I not do this sooner?

Well, I was scared. For many reasons I spent nearly all my life wanting to become a chef, and applying to Uni seemed scary as I had no qualifications. But then on the 15th December 2017 my life changed.

I went through an unforgettable and unimaginable trauma, and I broke down to nothing. I stopped living my life and lived inside my head in a vicious cycle. I felt like I couldn’t escape, work became too much and after a period of a month off in May I decided that I can’t let the bad things in my life control the way I want to live and I need to live my life the way I want, and that’s what I did. I took me nearly 6 weeks but after quitting my job I applied to UAL to study Illustration and Visual Media and was completed shocked when I was accepted in August.

I decided I can’t let the bad blood I carry control me even though it will always be with me, and I want to take a step towards a brighter and happier future.